Sensuality, sexuality, healing, or simply feeling alive. I look forward to embarking on a journey of discovery with you. We all have a tremendous craving to touch spirit and live in our natural state of compassion. We seek our source and we are living in a time when the world is desperately needing wisdom. Parts of our soul and life-force can become lost because of either subtle or massive trauma. ... Read More
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Jesse James , once a tabloid mainstay when he was married to actress Sandra Bullock , is parlaying his outlaw name and bad boy persona into a new business endeavor: Jesse James Firearms Unlimited. The special event is scheduled for the weekend of the U. Grand Prix Formula 1 race, and James hopes some of the surrounding media coverage will gravitate his way. Rick Perry , can make it along with other Texas legislators and gun proponents. James, 44, knows something about running a business. ... Read More
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You are the Masculine, she is the feminine, fill your roles. I never have the intention of providing advice that will lead men to imploding their marriage, but when you change the rules of the relationship there is no guarantee that she will want to play under the new terms. Attraction is non-negotiable, lack of sex in marriage is not to securing the man so much as it is losing attraction for said man. It is up to you , the man in the relationship to create an environment that allows your woman to be her dirty, slutty, nasty self. You know exactly what I mean, no man wants to marry or date a whore, but every man wants his wife to perform like one. ... Read More
This Sledgehammer reached It was built up by Reeves Callaway in Connecticut as an example of what was possible with the new ZR1 and and turbocharging its LT5 engine. The result was a bhp coupe that still retained luxuries such as air conditioning and a radio. The top end included a Brodix aluminum head which was fed by twin Turbonetics T04B turbochargers. The suspension was addressed by Carroll Smith who lowered the entire car one inch and fitting inch Dymag aluminum wheels with specially-made Goodyear tires. ... Read More