Even when the only way to get on the internet was through dial up, there were chat rooms. And since the beginning, chat rooms have provided an anonymous space for people to chat with others who share a common interest. You can find chat rooms for every possible topic, so it should be no surprise that adult topics are in that mix. All of the sites listed below focus on sex and adult conversations, but they all have their own vibe. Some of the sites below offer chat as one part of their overall package — which might include cam models, dating, and other features. ... Read More
Substance use is high among gay and bisexual men attending weekend dance events, yet little research has investigated motivations for drug use and contextual factors influencing use in these settings. Forty-four percent reported intending to use ecstasy at the event; intentions to use GHB, marijuana, cocaine, unprescribed Erectile Dysfunction Drugs EDDs , and poppers were also high. Normative beliefs are important predictors of drug use at weekend dance events; event-specific prevention strategies should encompass messages that correct misperceptions of drug use among party attendants. Use of illegal drugs is one of the primary risk factors for HIV infection among men who have sex with men MSM [ 1 — 3 ], and is also associated with other risk factors associated with HIV infection including unprotected anal intercourse UAI and having multiple sex partners [ 4 — 8 ]. Thus, understanding contexts in which gay and bisexual men use drugs and their motivations for using is necessary to inform public health campaigns geared toward this population that tends to have higher rates of drug use than their heterosexual peers [ 9 — 11 ]. ... Read More
In every class I tell them about going to Michigan to get the best training they can get at Midwest. A couple months ago I realized that it had been 10 years since my training at Midwest and not just a couple years. Needless to say, although I practice, I wasn't taking my own advice. My teaching schedule conflicted with Midwest's full week course. I then notice there were private lessons available. ... Read More
These Christmas party games for adults will make sure that your next holiday party or office party has a lot of holiday cheer. It truly won't be a party that your guests will be soon to forget. There are some icebreakers, guessing games, trivia, and some just downright hilarious Christmas party games for adults in the list below. You'll find some great games no matter your party size or average age. These Christmas party games only require items that you probably already have, so just read the rules and with little to no preparation, you'll be ready to play. ... Read More
AANP provides legislative leadership at the local, state and national levels, advancing health policy; promoting excellence in practice, education and research; and establishing standards that best serve NP patients and other health care consumers. Search this site. Patient-Centered Medical Home and Patient Portals: How can they impact primary care? November 4, ... Read More
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A fabulous force to be reckoned with, Herman Brown is a cut above the rest. Whether granny-chic with oversized Fair Isle knits, punk to the core with chains galore, tartan, leather, or 20s sophistication, Armstrongs literally has you covered from head to toe. Although a tad overwhelming, due to the sheer number of options, scanning over this hazy maze of unrivalled retro is the best kind of therapy. Those in need of a party dress, bashed up leather jacket, last-minute fancy dress costume or unnecessary accessories will lap it up like no tomorrow. From 50s gold tiered cocktail dresses and 80s pink sequined numbers, to high end designers like Chanel, Givenchy and Versace, every item is the perfect embodiment of its era. ... Read More