Ever thought of keeping a pregnancy diary? You did, never heard of it or not really your kind of thing? Whatever your answer is, keeping a pregnancy diary is the best way to remember those small, rather insignificant but notable moments as you journey through your 40 weeks or less before the baby comes. After all, you are always with your phone, so start one today! Even if you are the traditional woman at heart, a pregnancy journal allows you to go back and reflect on the bits and pieces, funny but crazy stuff you did while pregnant. ... Read More
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The angler — who hails from Miami, Florida, US — regularly flaunts her enviable figure by wearing tiny bikinis as she sails aboard Hooked for Life Charters off the Florida coast and in the Caribbean. Emily leans over the boat in her pink two-piece as she continues to try and pull it in. The camera then goes underwater to reveal a large creature trying to swim away. Despite many clips and snaps see Emily fiercely battling the creatures of the ocean, she is rarely seen without a hair out of place. But the social media sensation has a practical reason for only ever wearing bikinis. ... Read More
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By contrast, the Audience Score registers only 56 percent. Lisa does, however, enforce certain limits. It sets the tone for the next 24 hours in her life. The high point comes when one of the waitresses feels it necessary to perform a Parisian can-can — on the bar — to keep the patrons from rushing over to the ManCave to watch the fight. The low point, for me, comes when Lisa has to discipline a white server for having the visage of NBA superstar Stephen Curry tattooed on an uncovered space on her torso. ... Read More
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Tear Stain Removal. If you need to change the pH of your dogs system to aid in preventing yeast or infection then Tums is primarily a source of Calcium, known as an antacid formulated as mg Calcium Carbonate. This will change the tears' environment and can help make it hostile for the continued growth of yeast and bacteria. White Vinegar. A teaspoon of white cider vinegar can be added to your dogs drinking water to control new tear stains. ... Read More